The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

My buddy Jose called to discuss the book he's writing.


—Did you see The Dark Knight?
Dark Knight… Which one is that?
—Yes, I saw it.
—I loved it.
—I couldn't sleep afterward, though. Heath Ledger was so creepy. I ended up sleeping in PJ's bed. It was the first time we'd shared a bed.

PJ was our high school principal.


Later, via IM:

—so when u gonna come visit
—when DC's not a fuckin' sauna
—ha ha
—if i visit, can we eat at the palm?

I proposed The Palm because I heard Kornheiser mention it on PTI, but I think I can con him into paying for a meal (or four) at fancier restaurants.

Ben recommends the…uhh…L Street Bulgogi Cart.

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  1. KM 01 Aug 08 at 11:25

    Don't forget the giant flap of skin pizza in Adams Morgan after the bars close. There are a bunch of Jumbo Slice places down there, but for the true experience, it's best to find the one with the strobe light and blasting techno.

  2. josh 01 Aug 08 at 12:08

    uh, yeah… creepy.

  3. Ben 01 Aug 08 at 20:23

    Oh shit yeah the Jumbo Slice on 18th in Adams Morgan. That place is great. You know what is better? Amsterdam Falafel. I swear its the best thing in my life.

    And yeah that bulgogi cart kicks ass.


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