SF Jewish Film Festival 28

I attended a satellite screening in Berkeley, patronizing two gelato shops on Shattuck beforehand. Both asked me to recycle my cups and spoons. I think plastic gelato cups are wasteful, so I can respect recycling them, but recycling the tiny plastic spoons?

Berkeley should rename itself Cashonley.

The BART train back was packed with doods who just attended the Slightly Stoopid show at the Greek — my kind of people!

Anvil! The Story of Anvil
"This wonderful and often hilarious documentary follows a once famous Canadian heavy metal band, founded in the 1970s by two nice Jewish boys, and still rocking on."

I expected more This Is Spinal Tap; I received more Some Kind of Monster. Meh.

Man on Wire
"docu of daredevil Philippe Petit, who brought together a motley crew to help him realize his dream of walking on a wire from the top of one World Trade Center tower to the other in 1974"

It's been a good year for documentaries.

Pineapple Express

"That's not true, I had two ideas! Nowhere and Quiznos."

I can't stop lollering at that line.

How is it that an Apatow production features better action sequences than The Dark Knight and Iron Man?

From The Warlords, the best action sequence I've seen this year:

Note to self: Write a role for Takeshi Kaneshiro in your movie.

Already cast (in my head): Larisa Oleynik and Charlie Hunnam.

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