I've got a bad feeling about this

Caught this in the June 14, 1996 issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Be careful what you wish for, Bruce Fretts.

Zero the Hutt, a new character in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," is a gay stereotype that makes what Jar Jar Binks represented to the island of Jamaica look subtle by comparison.

"Zero, Jabba's uncle, originally spoke in Hutt-ese, like Jabba and then he had a different sluggish voice just like Jabba, and then George one day was watching it and said 'I want him to sound like Truman Capote.'" [source]

Hey, the Spanish basketball team was amused…

The Top 31 Bad Ass Star Wars Moments


  1. loops 13 Aug 08 at 11:32

    Top 31 is a pretty solid list. There's of course some I disagree with in terms of placement… and a few I feel are missing… but man… can't argue too much with what they chose.

  2. Bruno 14 Aug 08 at 20:32

    didn't they leave out the deathstar exploding and it desytorying Alderaan. lame.


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