Think I'll blaze all day and marvel at the mass of food I eat

Is it just me, or does President Bush become 10 times more lovable when he's clowning around with athletes? I wish, after his second term ends, we could name Bush the President of All Sports, and it could be his job to travel the world and goof around with various athletes of all nations. [source]

He could be like the second coming of Rainbow Man.

I don't understand all the outrage over the opening ceremony. It's a show, not a documentary. Hollywood pulls the same tricks — visual effects, replacing ugly talent with pretty talent…

"You mean, that wasn't Jonathan Taylor Thomas singing as Simba? How dare Disney!"

It seems like every time I turn the TV on, they're showing some BS "sport" like synchronized swimming. That's not a "sport", that's a lame pastime. Hell, BASEBALL is supposedly getting dropped by the Olympics, and that's one of the few sports that Americans care about, even if baseball IS for old people, Democrats, and women! [source]

Note to self: Stop reading the Internet. It's too frustrating.

Apparently, some people aren't watching the Olympics because of the Chinese government's human rights violations and general totalitarian evilness.

If the Olympics don't interest you because you find the events boring, fair enough, but don't feed me sanctimonious indignation.

I call "bullshit" on your concern for Tibet and Darfur.

If you genuinely cared, you wouldn't be expressing contempt in comments sections on television blogs and Defamer.

Yes, boycott Olympic coverage for…other television programming. That'll show China!
^ literal armchair righteousness

Sometimes Michael Phelps reminds me of Telly in Kids.

NBC is "giving serious consideration" to airing coverage of swimmer Michael Phelps' potential eighth gold medal of the Olympics live in all time zones.
Holy. fucking. shit.


  1. John Barleycorn 13 Aug 08 at 08:55

    "If you genuinely cared, you wouldn't be expressing contempt in comments sections on television blogs and Defamer."


  2. Cangrejero 13 Aug 08 at 09:13

    The real human rights violation is NBC's insipid coverage and commentary, which is reaching McCarveresque levels of banality.

  3. hugo 13 Aug 08 at 14:44

    best ar post yet. fuckin' kudos.

    i'd have to agree with bush's likability: flawed leader or not, he has always seemed like the FUNNIEST guy to be around. you know dubz must be a hit at parties.

    *punches the air*


  4. esteban 13 Aug 08 at 17:11

    asians don't have any problems faking, copying, plagiurizing or pirating.


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