Kiss the way we were goodbye

I hate how swimming and track split weeks. Swimming >>>>>>>> track. The two should alternate days over the fortnight.

With Phelps' quest for gold over, NBC worries ratings will drop

Two words: Olympic Plinko.

Medals replace chips. Double money for silvers, triple money for golds.

Phelps could win up to $240,000.

Replace the $0 slots with "free small fries at McDonald's." Every medalist's a winner.

Only Michael Phelps is capable of adapting Watchmen to the screen in a form pleasing to Alan Moore. [source]

Will Phelps be a Gillette champion? He's a logical endorser.

Okay, no more Phelps.

I was watching some of the Olympics on television with some of my friends when they asked me if I knew that Mexico wasn't sending a team. I said that I didn't know that. "Yes everyone who can run, jump or swim is in the United States." [source]


In the booth before the men's 100m dash, Tom Hammond looked like Ursula.

Wendell Pierce ("The Wire") was woofing it up after every emphatic slam dunk by the Americans. [source]

1. Wendell Pierce is at the Olympics?
2. Bunk like teh dunks.

hat tip: It's the Olympics!! On NBC!!!

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