An epic and brutal history of epically brutal epic brutality

Apparently, San Diego and Tijuana discussed a joint bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Head asplode.

Beijing Olympics viewed by more Americans than any event in U.S. television history (211 million)
Beijing Olympics attract nearly all (96%) of China's 1.3 billion people to their televisions

Okay, enough Olympics. Let's talk baseball.


I haven't watched a single baseball game all year. Probably won't until October.

No, let's talk football, and which one of my teams will torment me more this season: the Bruins or the Bears?

The Bruins must rely on a third-string transfer quarterback with a freshman back-up. The Bears, meanwhile, continue to support Neckbeard and Rex Cannon.

Oy vey.

Both teams open their seasons in primetime against a ranked SEC team and the Colts, respectively.

"You are a horrible human being."
"He definitely has no friends…"

Or he could be from Connecticut?

Go easy on him. He's had a rough year.

Now this little shit is a horrible human being!

I hope a terrible tragedy befalls him before puberty. 9 years old, 6 parades, but…..he has to sit down to pee for the rest of his life!


  1. John 26 Aug 08 at 12:25

    I like the Bears against Jim Sorgi better than UCLA 87th string quarterback against Tennessee. If Manning plays, it will be a bad week for teams with ursine mascots.


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