7:04 PM
—well its not 5 ints

7:28 PM
—this is like being a bears fan
—no qb
—no offense

—yes, i'm well aware of what being a bears fan is like

8:55 PM
—well, okay!

Good show — Craft's cheese and macaroni.

Since the NCAA adopted the divisional setup in 1978, only five schools have not played a I-AA football opponent: Michigan State, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA and Washington.

Ohio State: What's MSU's problem?
Penn State: Seriously! What fan wouldn't want to see their team play Coastal Carolina?

America's saddest college mascots
America's 10 best college parties

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  1. Gustavo 02 Sep 08 at 09:05

    3 USC 52 Final
    Virginia 7


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