Meat Is Mordor

The Jack in the Box Nacho Cheese Burger is made up of a beef patty topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and sliced jalapenos in between a bun. [source]

Good God… What have you wrought, Taco Bell?

Only a matter of time before we see nacho cheese fried chicken and nacho cheese pizza.

Technically, a burger with nacho cheese and challahpinots is innovative, fusion cuisine.

Idea: Burgogi. Korean-American fusion.


It irritates me when tofu houses don't offer potato salad.

I was researching eateries in Toronto and stumbled upon this:

unwieldy much?

Idea: Kebab burger. Deconstruct a burger on a skewer.

Meatball sandwiches are similarly unwieldy.

Idea: Meatball sandwich on a stick. Like a corndog with meatball, marinara and Provolone filling and a Parmesan crust.

Must be an easier way to eat shrimp cocktail too.

Idea: Shrimp Gushers. Like Bagel-fuls.

The sneaker burger is cool, but I prefer the meat sneaker:

Idea: Inverted sneaker burger. A meat shoe with a bread foot inside. Like an inverted Beef Wellington.

Repurposed fast food restaurants amuse me. For example: A sushi restaurant that looks like an old Pizza Hut, or an Indian restaurant that clearly used to be a Wienerschnitzel.

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