Dispatch Four

You know who I hate? The women in the Pizza Hut commercials who are shocked their pasta came from Pizza Hut. They're voting for Palin. [source]

The streetlight posts are the stops. See, I was looking for benches and shelters!

TIFF Leaderboard:
1. The Wrestler
2. Goodbye Solo
3. Slumdog Millionaire
4. A Film With Me In It
5. Kisses
6. Better Things
7. The Brothers Bloom
8. Is There Anybody There?
9. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
10. The Hurt Locker
11. Synecdoche, New York
12. Detroit Metal City
13. Not Quite Hollywood
14. Acné
15. Down to the Dirt
16. Martyrs
17. Gomorrah
18. Control Alt Delete
19. Pontypool
20. Zift
21. The Ghost

9:00 a.m. screenings are brutal.


  1. Adam 12 Sep 08 at 22:25

    Jesus, when the fuck does TIFF end. The description of Control Alt Delete sounds suspiciously similar to Fat Guy Stuck in Internet. BTW, congrats on the site being around far, far too long. – XOXO <3 Adam <3


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