Super Fun Time

oh, inverted world
chutes too narrow
wincing the night away
know your onion!
fighting in a sack
phantom limb

I picked a good time to leave my iPod on a plane.

I returned to work today in a new office that my boss promised he'd set up while I was away. He didn't, departed on Saturday for a world tour and won't return until November.

I arrived at 9:00am and am writing this at 9:00pm while a Geek Squad "agent" tries to configure the office printer. My boss agreed to pay an extra $500 for emergency service.

Do I tip the Geek Squad agent? 15% of $670 is a lot.

I almost reluctantly tipped a cab driver in Toronto before remembering that Canadians supposedly don't tip. "When in Rome," I thought. Then I began seeing lines for tips on restaurant bills. Way to guilt tourists.

The janitor just entered.

Re: "Women traveling alone on buses between 9:00pm and 5:00am can get off the bus at locations between regular stops."

What about tired men who just want to arrive home as soon as possible? What about our safety? Emotional safety…

Agent Nguyen recommends that I update Parallels. It's 10:15. The printer still won't print

"John McCain does not use a computer because he was a POW."
"WWE has come up with an awful lot of stupid names in recent months, but this is unquestionably rock bottom. Dolph Ziggler. Jesus Christ."


  1. Adam 16 Sep 08 at 10:19

    I wouldn't be surprised if U2 stole their screen tech (like usual) and actually got real BSOD's. At least Trent has a sense of humor and purposely gives the appearance of failure. Can't wait to see this blue screen in November.

  2. lozo 16 Sep 08 at 14:37

    That Scrubs art might be the funniest thing you've ever posted.

  3. rob 16 Sep 08 at 15:17

    um, tipping is completely common place in canada.

  4. hugo 16 Sep 08 at 17:06

    yeah, that scrubs art made me choke on my hot coffee. good stuff.

    nin are so gay, guys — wtf

  5. Ben 18 Sep 08 at 00:09

    Yeah the scrubs thing made me want to cry. Laughing.

    But Jon… Canadians tip. They do. Fuck man, you really know how to be an ugly American.


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