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The Pac-10 is terrible. Like, worse than the ACC. If USC wasn't part of the conference, it'd be the NFC West of college football. At it stands, it's last season's AFC East.

Pac-10 basketball ain't looking so hot either.

During the ECU vs. NC State game, I saw a Wolfpacker wearing a shirt that read: "Go to hell, ECU."

Earlier this year, I saw Duke mascot's wearing a headband that read: "Go to hell, UNC."

I wonder how much clothing in North Carolina has "go to hell" printed on it.

During the ECU vs. NC State game, I also saw a sign that read:


You can't pause a streak, genius.

I'd post screenshots if I owned a DVR.

Why does the Mountain West merit its own network?

Vanderbilt and Northwestern are undefeated.

Last week, I tore off two chunks of my right hand while assembling shelves. Brushing your teeth with your recessive hand is surprisingly difficult.


  1. Cangrejero 21 Sep 08 at 16:44

    Sadly, the ESPN signguy was probably one of our brighter students.


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