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Taghut – Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'an LP

Featuring such hits as "Piss on the Altar of God" and "The Arrogant Jews"!

J-Ram would probably like it.

This ad preceded my screening of Nick and Norah's Infinite Lameness:

Yes, being in the National Guard is just like being Dale Earnhardt Jr. (or should I call him "WARRIOR"?).

The moshing soldier pit and the frightened Arab boy also amused me.

"My hands are cold…" [quivers hand]

I hate when singers pantomime lyrics, but I suppose pantomiming is better than just standing still like Julian Casablancas.

Smart singers play instruments simultaneously.

I once stood beside a portly middle-aged man at a Thrice show who pantomimed the lyrics to every song the band played off The Artist and the Ambulance. I spent the whole set praying for songs off The Illusion of Safety and Identity Crisis.

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