Girls! Oreillys! Now!

Vince McMahon wants WWE superstars to become better actors. Freddy Prinze Jr. has been tasked with teaching them acting skills. [source]

Too easy.

Padma seductively eating a soft pretzel isn't quite Padma dancing wild-eyed with knives in the promos for Top Chef: Chicago.

Also: Cobra Starship?

Season five will feature Martha Stewart and Foo Fighters, but not David Chang, who's fuckin' associated with New York! [sigh]

Other chefs I'd like to see on Top Chef:
– Mario Batali (friend of "friend of Top Chef" Anthony Bourdain). His Iron Chef America contract must include a no-compete clause.
– Marco Pierre White (also a friend of Bourdain)
– Thomas Keller (friend and former boss of Tom Colicchio)

CBS + Jerry Bruckheimer + "Lucky" by Radiohead – HUH.

October classics:

Sex Change Hospital (WE tv)
"Follows transgender men and women as they receive a life-changing surgery from Dr. Marci Bowers, known as the 'Rock Star' of transgender surgery."

This is supposed to entertain women?

I saw a documentary in June on Dr. Marci. S/he's kind of a dick.

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf (Animal Planet)
"British wolf expert Shaun Ellis became famous for his unprecedented experiences embedded in a wolfpack. Helen is Shaun's fiancee, but when it comes to the wolves, she is still a novice."

"Sometimes I feel that you like the wolves more than me!"

Dead Set (E4)
"A horror drama set in a fictional Big Brother house. The contestants are blissfully unaware that zombies are attacking the living outside. Until an eviction night where all hell breaks loose…"


Count me in.

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