My moral standing is lying down

McCain may have worked with Feingold, Lieberman and Feinstein, but Obama would use a time machine to go back and prevent the Holocaust. [source]

I didn't see the debate, but I caught a bit of the aftermath on CNN.

Alleged undecideds complained that Obama and McCain didn't say anything new.

What did you expect, dummies?

The two have been campaigning since spring of last year, and the election is less than a month away.

You don't test songs in the middle of the Super Bowl; you lip-synch your hits!

"This is ouuuuuur countryyyyyyy!" Hard sell!

Later, pundits complained about the town hall format.

For the third and final debate, I propose a Family Feud format.

"I brought my wife Michelle, my brother from another mother Joe, his wife Jill…"

"We surveyed 50 states. Top five answers on the board. Name the most important issue facing our country today."

Fast Money could've determined the bailout package.

McCain answers first, Obama second.

"Name a sacrifice you will ask every American to make to restore the American Dream."

No duplicating answers.

Uncommitted Ohio Voters award up to 100 points for each answer. The two must earn a combined total of 700 points to win the requested bailout amount – bipartisanship. If they score less than 700, the government receives $5 per point

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