Lemurs, Man. Lemurs.


The music reminds me of Hans Zimmer's score for The Rock.

After listening to Weird Al's lame T.I. parody about the economy, I thought I could conceive a better song parody off the top of my head.


"Paper Palins"

I hide like Ayers, can't name magazanes
If you catch me at the border, I got Putin in my aim
If you're pregnant post-rape, you're makin' bay-bay
My retard son's down with Proposition 8

All I wanna do is [shotgun blast] [shotgun blast] [shotgun blast] [moose squeal]


The sweater. His pose. A grown man wearing that sweater in public. THUNDERSTIX!

The local temperature has begun dipping below 60°.

I need a winter home in the Southern Hemisphere.

I say I want to settle in the Pacific Northwest, but who am I kidding?

McKern: you know, I'm done taking shit from a guy whose home state elected the governator in a LANDSLIDE

Oooh… BURN!

Didn't your home state elect Eliot Spitzer? In a LANDSLIDE?

At least Arnold can see.

Fox Reality Channel greenlit production on "Smile…You're Under Arrest!," a show that constructs elaborate stings to bring real fugitives to justice.

Armed with a troupe of improvisational actors and police officers, "Smile…" masterminds some of the most hysterical and outrageous stings ever caught on tape. [source]


To borrow from the best rapper alive, that's rock bottom! When you resort to punkin' criminals…

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