Emptying the bench

LaDanian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu in "Fate"
directed by David Fincher (Fight Club)

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks in "This Is Not Sex"
directed by Tony Kaye (American History X)

I wish I had cameras implanted in my eyeballs so I could photograph shit instantly or discreetly.

Idea: A science fiction story set in a world in which The Government implants cameras in every person's eyeballs. Your big brother is Big Brother. The Revolution will have to blind itself first.

Idea: A racing game set during rush hours. Less speed, more strategy.

The Most Conservative and Most Liberal Shows On TV
Paula Deen, doin' it well
Typewriter Robots


  1. chris 15 Oct 08 at 14:59

    I like the part where LT runs through a whole bunch of floppy dildos.

  2. Gustavo 15 Oct 08 at 20:05

    I like the part where Troy Polamalu.


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