Gay comedy is the most wretched, lowest common denominator genre of film.

How 'bout a proposition banning gay comedies? I'll cover every square-centimetre of my lawn with "yes" signs!

Lyle Bennet: the most useless character on television?

"I recognize you from somewhere…"
"I play Lyle on Heroes."

Joe Lieberman: the most loathsome man alive?

I shouldn't say this, but someone should've shot him in a rowboat a long time ago.

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person game set in an entirely white world. Players splatter black paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.

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  1. Drew 07 Nov 08 at 01:41

    I watched a screener copy of the Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror. It was in the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival last year. During a pivotal gay sex scene, my friend's homophobic landlord walked in to ask a question and reacted adversely. It was so terrible I told the movies editor I couldn't write a review of it.


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