On the drive home yesterday, the DJ on the radio signed off by playing "the scariest song [he] could find" – "Unbelievable" by EMF.


Yes, goof on boppin' cowbell and a boffo guitar solo. All that's missing is some "woo-hoo"s from Blur's "Song 2."

I asked Soulja Boy, "What historical figure do you most hate?" He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters…" He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa. We wouldn't be here to get this ice and tattoos." [source]

"There is literally nothing funny about Tracy Morgan."
Mmmm…disagree. Literally everything about Tracy Morgan is funny.

After the election, I'll invite Nancy Pfotenhauer on to debate this issue.

I learned that the Washington Post blocks Adam Riff™ in its offices. Booooo!

"This shirt cured my aids."
Dispatches From The Phillies Victory Parade

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