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I was in Berkeley over the weekend and saw a guy wearing an Okkervil River hoodie.

Liking Okkervil River doesn't seem like something one would advertise.

The argument "children will be taught about gay marriage" is absurd and dismissive of children.

Teaching children that two people of the same gender can marry won't magically turn them gay or compel them to marry gay if they aren't gay.

Besides, California ranks 40th in national academic achievement. I wouldn't worry about anything taught in our schools sticking.

"But the Bible says marriage is a union between a man and a woman!"

I'm shaking, I'm shaking.

Enough with the Bible. Just because something's old doesn't mean it's wise.

Interesting how adherents of the Bible want to amend the state constitution. Is it not more logical to amend the text that pre-dates California's constitution by thousands of years?


Sci-fi story idea: An enfant terrible travels back in time and writes the Bible. He then travels forward in time and witnesses his effect on history.

"But the Bible says marriage is thinking of a union between 1 and 10!"

In the year 2000…

sample LGAT questions:


2. MAN : WOMAN ::
(A) ike : tina
(B) jim : dina
(C) woody : mia
(D) jerry lee : myra
(E) larry : frada, mickey, alene, sharon, julie, shawn

3. If (xx)² + (xy)² = ca, what are the values of ca?

xy U xy ≠ 8

nein = 8

Lucy and Bart


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    wait, what?


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