Let's play Twister, let's play Risk

Harrison Ford. [sigh]

I cannot find a photo that adequately illustrates how fat Goldust has become.

I really hope Quinn isn't The Skinner. Those who don't learn from Nip/Tuck

Comedy sketch idea: A woman uses Just For Men Haircolor and turns into, like, The Fly or Godzilla.

» The Maroon 5 remix album features remixes by: Of Montreal, Deerhoof, Mark Ronson, Cool Kids and Cut Copy.
"Our songs willllll be loooved by hipsters."

» The liner notes for David Archuleta's debut album include a Thank You to Jason Mraz. He enjoyed a Mraz concert on Saturday with Jason Castro.
David Archuleta……….two stoners.

» If the non-singing members of Led Zeppelin tour with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy, the non-singing members of Alter Bridge may reunite Creed.
Myles Kennedy could singlehandedly destroy rock and roll.

» On Halloween, Fall Out Boy set the Guinness World Record for the Most Interviews on Radio in a 24 Hour Period by a Pair of Two.

Every week, I hear about at least one ridiculous new world record. Most People in a Custard Pie Fight. Biggest Weezer Logo Made of Nachos.


Guinness needs to be more discriminating. Stop encouraging and validating attention-mongers and people who try too hard.

I can pull a world record out of my ass too!

Most Wipes with a Kraft Single During a Bowel Movement. Four. NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!


  1. Jeremy 05 Nov 08 at 00:48

    One-year moratorium on all discretionary world records


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