Smudge and Arrogant

—for some reason i thought you were a republican

Arnold proposed a three-year increase in sales tax and an excise tax on alcohol to overcome California's projected $11.2 billion budget shortfall.


The "Yes on 8" campaign raised $35.8 million.

The Dodgers reportedly offered Manny Ramirez $45 million for two years.

The Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors approved a $50 million "suicide net" aimed at preventing the TWO DOZEN leaps each year.

The Giants still owe Barry Zito $90 million.

Each episode of Heroes costs more than $4 million to produce. Season three consists of 25 episodes.

I was listening to the Browns vs. Broncos game on my drive home from work and Dennis Green was the colour commentator. He has a voice for space.

A commenter asked about Adam Riff™'s ten favourite films of all time.

I could never answer definitively, but off the top of my head and in no particular order:

Brain Donors
Dr. Strangelove
I Stand Alone
Paris, Texas
The Rock
The Royal Tenenbaums
Welcome to the Dollhouse

Sweet Potato Fries — Who Likes These Things? I HATE them.
Whole grain products inspired by the Holy Scripture
Eagle Tattoos Are So Fuckin' Sweet
Emptees Anniversary Zombie Tee

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