Crybaby, Convict, Demon

Quantum of Solace may be the costliest film ever made minute by minute: $261 million for a 105-minute movie, which comes out to almost $2.5 million per minute. [source]

Chinese Democracy reportedly cost $14 million to produce. That's $1 million a song or five-and-a-half minutes of Quantum of Solace.

The World Series of Poker is still being played?

Next year, the original World Series bleeds into November too.

"The day the world will always remember…is the day one family will never forget!"

"They seemed like the perfect couple, but was she living a perfect lie?"

"This profiler's dream…is just the beginning of his nightmare!"

The promos for CBS dramas are as monotonous as the dramas themselves.

"The stripper they hired…was dressed to kill! New Criminal Minds."

"When Nissan delivered, he took them out! New Without a Trace."

"Inhaling Easy-Off gave this cook a hard-on for murder! New NCIS."

A 44-year-old Jersey City councilman reportedly urinated from a balcony onto the crowd at a concert by a Grateful Dead tribute band. [source]

A Grateful Dead tribute band drew a crowd?

I think Ben DJs at the scene of the shower.

New World Order
haha the youth-vote just got owned

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