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ESPN unveiled its "must-have" gifts for the holidays.

Pottery Barn Teen – X Games Home Collection
"new bedding, murals and more, featuring official X Games graphics"

X Games bedding? For a teenager?

ESPN The Ultimate Remote
"provid[es] real-time access to scores"

…while scores scroll in real-time on ESPN.

I heard a song on the radio and thought: "What is this shit?"

Hollywood Undead is a rapcore band from [Orange County,] California. The band performs in masks to maintain an air of mystery.

Is he wearing a Del Taco bag? Is that a hammer and sickle tattoo?

By 2006 they were said to be leading MySpace's top unsigned artists list with over 8 million plays. By November 2008 the band had over 440,000 friends. [source]

Well, who wouldn't want to be their friend?

I found six such friends:

Let's see how far we can go on a sexual safari
I got a dick like Kareem Abdul J-J-Jabbari


He just assumes that Kareem's penis is formidable.

On tour now: 14 consecutive sellouts!!!

Apparently, Del Taco guy refused to change during the photo shoot.

In the second photo, clown guy's hammer and sickle tattoo is missing. Would he? A fake hammer and sickle tat?

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  1. Aaron 14 Nov 08 at 10:24


    …I'm so glad I'm not 13 anymore and won't be tempted to like these assholes.

  2. Adam 15 Nov 08 at 15:27

    This band is such a shit gimmick. The Del Taco mask is actually the most creative of the bunch. I'm sure the one with the Kabuki mask is blissfully unaware of there being a particular guitarist of actual musical merit with that look. I guess since he's probably 18 he's just too young to know.

  3. Anonymous 02 Oct 14 at 15:18

    Yo mama

  4. Rolf 06 Feb 15 at 14:35

    Could it be that the second picture was taken before that one guy got the tattoo? Just a thought.


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