Hurting and Shoving

Ip Man is a biopic on the sifu (master) of Bruce Lee.

Adam Riff™ favourite Donnie Yen plays Ip Man.

Wilson Yip (SPL, Flash Point) directed.


Sammo Hung choreographed the action.

While rehearsing a fight scene, Yen was reportedly injured when an axe wielder accidentally slashed the side of his left eye. [source]


Speaking of Sammo…

Sammo Hung is negotiations to star in "War Monkeys."

The horror comedy follows two janitors who, during a Christmas holiday, get trapped in an underground research facility after accidentally unleashing military-trained Rhesus monkeys. Hung is one of the janitors who battles the rabid simians.

The monkeys will be a combination of real monkeys, animatronic puppets and CGI. [source]

Sammo Hung is in negotiations to battle monkeys and puppets.

Rumors are flying that, to cover [Ong Bak 2] cost over runs brought on by Tony [Jaa]'s running off into the jungle, a sequel has already been greenlit. [source]

My kind of indentured servitude.

Fireball is a movie fusing muay thai with basketball, not to be confused with Kung Fu Dunk, which featured a Fireball University.

promo reel:


"One rule: no rules!"

"Loose = die!"

alternate promo reel

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