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is the new

Every time you use a Visa card, you will automatically be entered for a chance to attend Super Bowl XLIII, the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl and a 2009 NFL Playoff game.

Every time you use a Citi card, you will automatically be entered for a chance to join Nickelback on tour.

No wonder Citigroup needs rescuing.

Every girl Dan tries to sleep with should see that [footage] of him marching. [source]

Next week, he has to dance.

My mother wants a turkey. My father wants a rack of lamb. I proposed stuffing a turkey with lamb.

My brother wants to bake a pie. I proposed baking a lamb pie.

Lamb Berry sauce.

Candied lamb.

John Oates is developing an animated series, J-Stache, in which he provides the voice of his family-man self, and comedian Dave Attell voices his evil mustache.

"I'm trying to lead the good life and leave all that rock 'n' roll craziness behind, but the mustache is trying to drag me back into it. There's also a cult of mustachioed entertainers." [source]


KROQ announced the line-up for its Almost Acoustic Christmas and…

Someone at KROQ sure loves Rise Against.

Acoustic Christmas 08.
Weenie Roast 08.
Acoustic Christmas 07.
Weenie Roast 07.

—the killers:
—acoustic christmas 08
—acoustic christmas 07
—acoustic christmas 06
—acoustic christmas 04
—weenie roast 07
—weenie roast 05
—weenie roast 04
—invasion 04
—3 consecutive christmases
—trifecta in 04

—okay okay!
—they are whore!
—rise against? merely dancer

I wonder how people would react if Dick Vitale was murdered.

This video is just incredible. Like, "Ruff Ryders Anthem" meets the first ten minutes of the Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake, except with more dry ice and a part where people chase emus. [source]

How to Cross the Street in Dorchester
"Quantum of Solace": Backstories


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