Let's lethalize our slingshots and swallow propane

—i saw twilight
—ive never been so horny/sexually frustrated during a movie in my life
—i couldnt belive it
—the vampire guy was seriously so hot
—even my lesbian friend was like 'i wanna fuck him'
—everyone in the theater
—was dying
—highly recommend

I felt similarly frustrated during Lars and the Real Girl.

Imagine if Robert Pattinson was one of Oprah's favourite things.


  1. Loser 25 Nov 08 at 13:17

    you win 2 and a half points for the pavement lyric.

  2. Tushar 25 Nov 08 at 17:38

    Dude, I was sitting beside you during that movie.

  3. Ben 26 Nov 08 at 14:22

    I just saw Lars and I liked it.


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