Random thoughts by BEN!

– Apparently Rivers Cuomo co-wrote a song with Aly & AJ. For some reason, I feel like this will be the best song he's written since the Green Album.

– When watching Aaron's video eating the brownie out of the toilet, all I could think was: "Wait, so did he clean the toilet first? Because my toilet bowl is scarred by the shits I take."

– I'm amazed when I DJ and I get requests for "Low" by Flo Rida. I haven't played it in about 8 months, and I don't actually plan on playing it ever again. I mean… you people can't get over it? These are the same people who request "It's Your Birthday" when they mean "In Da Club". I want to punch people who ask for "It's Your Birthday". I'm not out of line here, I don't think – you can argue that "In Da Club" is the biggest song of any genre since 2000. Can you think of one that is as big? 50 will never, ever, ever top that song.

– I am renting out my house for the Obama Inauguration. Why the fuck not, right? I'd rather just crash in Baltimore for a few days and make some money.

– Can Jim Jones just fucking die already? Jesus fuck, how doesn't he get shot? He's maybe the worst MC in the history of rap. And that includes Bart Simpson on the classic "Deep Deep Trouble". Even MC Scat Cat wasn't this awful. AND he's trying to feud with Jay-Z? This is like Karim Garcia and Pedro Martinez? "Who is Karim Garcia?"


  1. Andrew 29 Nov 08 at 11:41

    I was wondering the same thing about Aaron and the brownie.


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