Adam Riff™ Holiday Gift Guide

1. Secrets of the Clown
"You'll enjoy it if you're an aficionado of the 'clown horror subgenre.' The titular secrets of the clown are not ones that you will readily guess."

2. Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree
"Play in a variety of Redneck events such as Toilet Seat Throwing."

3. Black College Football xPerience: The Doug Williams Edition
"Ships with 35 songs and 65 musical cadences for the Rock Band drum set."

4. Good Charlotte: Greatest Remixes
I believe that is a mirrored disco skull.

5. Jim Jones and Skull Gang present A Tribute to Bad Santa
"Jam-packed with 'hood Christmas classics!"

the AMAZING first single/video:

Jim Jones is Snoop on The Wire with a Y chromosome.

6. John Adams' Chair


  1. Aaron 02 Dec 08 at 18:17

    Good Charlotte's "Greatest Remixes" … how many great remixes could they have possibly had? Or is that just a relative term and the remixes are just kind of okay, but there weren't better ones in existence, so they're by default the greatest? Too much thought about Good Charlotte, either way.

  2. KM 03 Dec 08 at 00:31

    Good Charlotte is coming dangerously close to infringing Damien Hirst's copyrights.

    That said, someone should start manufacturing very large disco ball-skulls to sell to gothy dance clubs.


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