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My buddy Jose won a Pulitzer this week as part of the Washington Post staff that covered last year's shootings at Virginia Tech.

"Remember my series on AIDS? A local filmmaker is adapting it into a documentary feature. I'm receiving writing and producing credits."

—that article i was writing
—about that linnie woman who gave $10
—it ran
—and we're now writing a book together

"Oh. We began shooting the documentary."
"Yup. Tiger Woods signed on to co-produce."


Police detained a Tracy couple Monday afternoon in connection with a case involving a teen boy who — wearing only a pair of baggy boxers and carrying a heavy chain padlocked to his ankle — stumbled into a local gym asking employees to hide him.

He had visible cuts and burns on his back and was described as being emaciated and covered in soot, dried blood, feces and urine.

"His feet were swollen, he was terrified and cold. He kept saying, 'They're going to come find me.' He kept saying that over and over.

The chain was about an inch thick and was padlocked around the boy's left ankle. It appeared to have been cut. [source]

Eli Roth's Foster Home!

» Highlights should change "Goofus and Gallant" to "Goofus and Chevron" or "Goofus and Liberty Mutual." What goody two-shoes.

» i will see steven's sunset powerbomb with this gif (nsfw, obvs).

» John Cena may be the most successful jorts-wearer ever.

Insane Clown Posse promised on their radio show to INVADE the Royal Rumble. [source]

related Google Image Search discovery:

» DJ AM (the plane crash survivor) was in the band Crazy Town?

» I hit the radio jackpot today, catching "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz simultaneously on three of my presets.

» crossword puzzle clue idea: "halo 2." (answer: "pretty hate machine")

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Top Chef Photocap (ha ha ha)
Extreme French-Fry-Making with Pneumatic Spud Bazooka


  1. hugo 02 Dec 08 at 14:42

    this is me looking at the hitler bj:


  2. Aaron 03 Dec 08 at 00:29

    Wowzers. The gif was only mildly amusing at first and I was ready to hand it to the powerbomb until right up until the end.

  3. Aaron 03 Dec 08 at 00:30


    "DJ AM (the plane crash survivor) was in the band Crazy Town?"

    Now I REALLY can't believe he was allowed to survive.


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