Don't Look Back

The Bamboozle announced the preliminary line-up for its 2009 dates. Notable acts include:

No Doubt
Bloodhound Gang
Face to Face
The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids are re-uniting already?

"Next year is the 10th anniversary of 'Something to Write Home About.' We thought, 'Hey, we should play some shows.'" [source]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Clarity, Jimmy Eat World will perform the album in its entirety at 10 shows next year.

At a surprise show in Kansas City on November 16, the band played
"Something to Write Home About" from beginning to end. [source]

Shame that Jimmy Eat World already booked opening acts, because Clarity/Something could be Elton John/Billy Joel for late-millennium emos.

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Emo statesmen Thrice? Thursday, I can buy, but Thrice?

The writer discredits himself by suggesting that Thrice could use "a bit of Pete Wentz's tune sense." Everybody knows that Patrick composes the music!

Other recordings celebrating 10th anniversaries next year (nudge nudge wink wink):


…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
The Slim Shady LP – Eminem
The Fragile – Nine Inch Nails
The Decline – NOFX
Face Down – Serial Joe


The Fragile in one night would be an earful. Trent could easily divide the album into two shows, but then no one would attend the second show.

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  1. KM 03 Dec 08 at 03:59

    How is GWAR not a notable act?

    Bamboozle does seem like an odd venue for them, though. Not hipstery enough to enjoy it ironically, not metally enough to enjoy it genuinely. Plus, all the fake blood will totally ruin everyone's Hot Topic parachute pants.

  2. James 03 Dec 08 at 19:01

    NOFX actually played The Decline in it's entirety at their show in MI last March.


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