Free Liquor, Free Dope, No Dicks

Monday's episode of Chuck and Sunday's series finale of Trailer Park Boys both featured DeLoreans.

Trailer Park Boys also featured Mr. Lahey's penis.

For someone who doesn't drink, John Dunsworth plays a drunk masterfully. A real alcoholic couldn't act drunk better.

According to Merriam-Webster, "wō" is spelled w-h-o-a, not w-o-a-h.

point: "Noah" is pronounced "no-ah."

counterpoint: "Boa" is pronounced "bow-ah."


I can understand "rediculous," but in what universe does "comming" look correct?

Comming to America. Homecomming. Homming missiles. Poor timming. Casual gamming. Flamming homosexuals. Comming.

This was the featured story Monday night on The Early Show's web site:

iSouljaBoyTellEm is Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's follow-up to 2007's

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em titled track 14 on iSouljaBoyTellEm "Soulja Boy Tellem."

His next LP:

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Ooh! SouljaBoyTellEm360Elite!

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  1. deadbeatJONES 09 Dec 08 at 10:14

    The "Drake & Josh Christmas" show that aired on Nickelodeon last week featured a DeLorean too.

    Shut up. I have kids.

  2. mark 10 Dec 08 at 19:50

    is that the same jerkoff lamp that's sitting on your desk?


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