Run, Run, Pass, Punt

I had to delay the video countdown I'd scheduled for today, so enjoy all 10 episodes of Rob Corddry's web series Childrens' Hospital instead.

On Tuesday's Japan episode of Bizarre Foods:

Andrew heads to the Mayonnaise Kitchen where everything on the menu – savory or sweet is made with [mayonnaise]. Andrew samples mayonnaise fondue, mayonnaise sausage and mayonnaise milkshake.

Oof. Milkshakes are nasty to begin with…

Somewhere in America, I bet you can buy a ranch milkshake.

Oleg Zhornitskiy is currently the undisputed World Mayonnaise Eating Champion, consuming four 32-ounce bowls of mayonnaise in eight minutes.

Would you rather eat four 32-ounce bowls of mayonnaise or fully insert a glass jar into your rectum?

I'm-a get a tattoo of Pennywise's logo painted in mayonnaise.

Pipe wrench fight!


IDEA: Blend the title sequences of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Real World.

"This is the story
of one West Philadelphian
forced to live with his auntie and uncle
The Real World: Bel-Air!"

The Notorious (B.I.G. biopic) soundtrack includes a remake of "One More Chance" with added vocals by Biggie's son.

I suppose if a nine-year-old can offer dating advice, then a 12-year-old can boast about his mesmerizing hold over women and his ability to wreck a home with ease.

Rally Time !!!

If You Give the Federal Government $700 Billion
Pantene is the new Courvoisier
KopBusters rented a house and began growing two small Christmas trees under a grow light similar to those used for growing marijuana


  1. steven 12 Dec 08 at 03:44

    my friend kiko likes to write businesses and ask for a free product if he reviews said product.
    a couple of years ago, he asked for a slanket and got it.

    best blanket of all time.

  2. Jeremy 12 Dec 08 at 04:17

    Reading the mayonnaise part made me dry-heave


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