Minor cuts and scrapes in the bushes ahead

On Top Chef 5-6:

The Quickfire Challenge lasted 30 minutes.

If you must supersize an episode, Bravo, at least eliminate someone.

"We need more time to repeat this promo for Real Housewives. This is ouuuuuuuuuuur county!"

Restaurant idea: Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Grill. (Harajuku Grill?)

Located inside the Hella Food Court.

When you finish eating, stop by The Sweet Escape.

"What is that?"
"This shit is Bananas P-H-O-S-T-E-R!"

In the penultimate episode of Brotherhood, Eileen, Jimmy and Mary Kate watch Project Runway.

Earlier this year, Riggins watched Top Chef on Friday Night Lights and Dukie and Bug watched Dexter on The Wire.

Characters on low-rated dramas: they're just like us! Well, me…

On Friday Night Lights 3-11:

Jeremy Sumpter's line delivery is so awkwardly unnatural. I'd worry about him replacing Zach Gilford if the show stood a chance of being renewed.

I just realized that I met the actor who plays Joe McCoy at CineVegas last summer.

One of the best or worst album covers of 2008?

unfortunate band press image of the now
This is the second notice that the factory warranty for your vehicle is about to expire


  1. Adam 18 Dec 08 at 04:16

    Any album involving Bucket is automatically eliminated in the race for being worst album cover. As soon as you hit the lens flare up in Photoshop, you've ruined it. He knows they're bad because they've all been bad – save for Monsters & Robots because Dave McKean + Monters AND Robots concept turned out pretty sweet. Although, generally his stuff pretty much sucks. You knew I was going to comment, so there ya go.


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