The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Jonah Weiner stated that Lil Wayne was the first hip-hop artist to fantasize about eating his competition. Other rappers have contemplated consuming their rivals.

We said that Jack Bauer resorted to electrocution to extract information. You cannot extract information from someone who has been electrocuted because they are dead.

Gore Vidal was once head-butted by Norman Mailer, not the other way round.

Some confusion arose in a review of a television drama about knife crime as a result of mishearing the term shanking, which means stabbing someone with a knife, as shagging.

We said of the [Sex and the City] film: "Three of the four former women now support themselves via their relationships." That should have been "three of the four former career women."

The Monitor column about "Gossip Girl" misquoted two lines of dialogue between characters discussing one's relationship. It read: "Jenny: 'Is that why we went dessert?' Elise: 'You went dessert?!?!?!'" The correct lines on the show were: "Jenny: 'Is that why we went to third?' Friend: 'You went to third?'"

Last week's Young & Hungry column mentioned a free sandwich received by Clarence Webb "66 years ago," when Webb was a rookie in the Alexandria Police Department. Webb, as reported, is 74 and was not 8 years old when he joined the police department; the sandwich in question was received 52 years ago.


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