1. OMFG 11 Feb 11 at 08:49


  2. Anonymous 21 Mar 11 at 21:38

    even though i am a american, and even though japan bombed pearl harbor, the atomic bomb was uncalled for, as millions of little children and women died, and millions were left deformed like this. Alos making fun at this so fucking inhumane, and you will burn in hell for thinking this is even funny.

    1. TheTruth 08 Jun 12 at 09:38

      Uncalled for? Hardly. You're lucky we even had the Atomic Bomb, because we came very close to losing WWII, and NAZI Germany was only a barrel or two of enriched material away from beating us to the punch. I'm glad we had the guts to conclude the war on our terms, and to see it out to absolute victory. Nonetheless, I do respect Japan nowadays since they are no longer an enemy, and I admire them.

    2. Ricat 23 Sep 12 at 05:01

      you are right this is… just… i cant understand what can peoples find funny in destroying 2 whole city killing millions and a survivsal who deformed are just an ani,al or what do they think HE IS A HUMAN just some very "clever" peoples think something which is not like me is an animal… and Thetruth in 1945 Nazi Germany was very very close to beeing defeated so dont say it…

  3. Lauren Leilani 05 Aug 11 at 00:09

    This is so trashy, who the fuck thinks this is comedic?

  4. Anonymous 27 Aug 11 at 13:45

    There are desicions in war which leave scars. The atomic bomb was one of those choices. The Japanese are great people. Lived there for five years and spent two of them off and on in Hiroshima.

  5. Anonymous 29 Sep 12 at 15:55

    Who ever put this up is sick and needs help. I hope a atomic bomb comes down and kills u and your family. I cant explain how mad that comment got me.


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