The Top 5 Action Sequences of 2008

The sex scenes cause problems every year.

Last year:

are u xxy?

i am ….and so was wondering what your interest was and is…would love to talk if our interests are mutual!

happy new year!


If I could afford the bandwidth, I'd use my own flash video player.

But I digress.

Lights, camera…

5. Man in the Box » The Dark Knight
The trailer spoiled the truck flip, but it still induced awe. The Bat-Pod's subsequent wall turn is the cherry on top.

4. Cats and Mouse » The Good, The Bad, The Weird
As you'll see in clip 1 too, Asian filmmakers couldn't care less about the welfare of horses.

I love the music and the shot at 4:34.

3. "You killed my mother. Prepare to die." » Chocolate
The scene doesn't begin until 1:00, but enjoy the appetizer.

2. Factory Rampage » Wanted
This is the best quality clip I could find.

It reminds me of Equilibrium.

1. Chinky Chinky Bang Bang » The Warlords
Number one by a kilometer. At 5:45, witness my favourite action moment of the year.

Ong Bak 2 features a sensational drunken fight and a set piece on and around an elephant, but decent video was not available at press time.

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