The Top 5 Fight Scenes of 2008

One more…

We close with my favourite batch of clips, and our first foray into flash video.

5. Rαndy "The Rαm" Rοbinson vs. Necrο Butcher » The Wrεstler
All potatoes, no meat.

4. Dale and Saul vs. Red » Pineapple Express

3. The Hυlk vs. Abοmination » The Incrεdible Hυlk
It's surprisingly brutal for computer animation.

2. Sammo Hung vs. Wu Jing » Fatal Move
drew: dude this fight is crazy

1. (tie) Ip Man vs. 10 Black Belts » Ip Man
No, Drew, this fight is crazy.

1. (tie) Ip Man vs. Jap Gen. » Ip Man

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