Pretending to recall the way it was last fall, for lack of better days

CES is over, but I'm staying in Vegas until Tuesday to feed my hopeless gambling addiction.

I just lost $200 on one roulette bet. Fuckin' zeroes…

Fortunately, I got $583 from!

I read this in the daily CES magazine:

"Within five to seven years, I expect all movies out of Hollywood to be in 3-D," Jeffrey Katzenberg predicted.

I'm still not sold on mass 3D, but I witnessed Panasonic's demo for 3D HD, and sports in 3D look amazing.

3D Lakers game. 3D Chargers game. Fuckin' 3D WWE Raw!

I cried tears of awesome.

I don't understand the appeal of gondola rides at The Venetian. How is being rowed through a mall while tourists gawk at you romantic?

I read this about the CityCenter complex under construction:

Cirque du Soleil has partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises to create a permanent production celebrating the music of Elvis Presley. [source]


Cirque du Soleil and Elvis?

This after collaborating with Criss Angel.

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  1. vladmir 12 Jan 09 at 14:53

    i can't imagine movies like Gran Torino in 3-D. 3D has a cheapening, gimmicky effect and I certainly hope that movies do not end up all in 3D. at least give us a choice.

  2. David H 13 Jan 09 at 00:33

    Gondola rides in real Venice aren't much better. You ride around the small canals in Venice with people walking by and staring. People hanging out their apartment windows watching. People eating at restaurants not more than five feet away watching. We even had a dude who looked like Regis Philbin singing to us in Italian.

    Fun if you're drunk though.

  3. Ben 14 Jan 09 at 01:49

    I had to instruct Jon on how to place bets in Vegas on sports. He did not take my advice on taking the Eagles and the points.


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