The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

Did you know Gabrielle Carteris turned 48 this month? Forty-eight! Barack Obama doesn't turn 48 until August. An original 90210 cast member is older than our president. [source]

Alternate perspective: Obama is only three years older than Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.

John Mayer is shooting a variety show pilot for CBS. Fox is preparing a variety show hosted by the Osbournes. [source]

Both sound like Saturday Night Live sketches. I dug the one episode of John Mayer Has a TV Show that aired on VH1, though.

Meanwhile: Brian McKnight will be a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice 2.

"If ever I believe my career is through, then I'll star on Celebrity Apprentice 2!"

This week in Belaboured Criticism by Toby Young:

I'm not that cruel.

At Subway today, the man behind me ordered a tuna salad salad. Like, a salad with scoops of tuna salad on top.

In Vegas, my boss dragged me to Lawry's.

I liked the bread…

I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but I would rather a woman menstruate in my mouth than eat prime rib.

Steaks are obscene. Steakhouses are obscene.


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  1. Ryan McKern 15 Jan 09 at 10:29

    I hate admitting this because I hate agreeing with you, but yes, that cut is disgusting. It's like 4 large portions of beef that could have fed 4 normal people, combined to make this Voltron gestalt of moo-cow.

  2. Aaron 15 Jan 09 at 21:09

    I also agree with you entirely on the steak/steakhouse issue. My dad's a big steak dude, took me to the "best" chophouse in Chicago… and I ordered swordfish. Awkward moments in history!

  3. Adam 16 Jan 09 at 01:04

    Sounds like you're the type of guys that order meat well-done. You clearly know going into a Lawry's what you're in for – a gaudy piece of ridiculous meat. Human up, dive in and chew with your mouth open.


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