The sweetness will not be concerned with me

Last post on Vegas. At least, until I return in March for another trade show. Whee!

Some people somewhere are paid to conceive slot machine ideas.

Can't Hardy wait.

"Please help me! Terrorists are gonna blow up the Hoover Dam if I don't rape someone! I saw your number on a billboard and…"


The interiors of Steve Wynn's Wynn and Encore resorts are comically extravagant. It's like he bought gobs of random expensive shit and ordered his decorators to fit all of it in. The queue for the Wynn buffet, for example, inexplicably wraps around a glass obelisk.

Tirana Rocks is the new Strip.

top five of the now:
1. chocolate pecan pie
2. guacamole
3. mushroom and cheese taco
4. osso buco
5. seafood vol-au-vent

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