The Lonesome Crowded West

A 57-year-old man brought back a reassembled lobster shell to his local Price Chopper store and claimed the crustacean was spoiled.

The store manager was about to let him trade the lobster for a $27 bag of king crab legs when he discovered the lobster was just a shell.

The man ran from the store clutching the crab legs when he was confronted. [source]

Lil' Wayne has a 12-year-old daughter?

Lil' Wayne is 26.

Lil' Wayne could be a grandfather at age 28.

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  1. Shing 22 Jan 09 at 20:44

    You left out the best part about the lobster guy story…

    "Deputies said the man had already devoured the crab legs when they caught up with him at home. He was given an appearance ticket to answer the larceny charge in court."

    The guy's like a criminal genius.


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