The Last Pale Light in the West

Jason Montes, 33, was found dead by police at the home of his estranged wife. His wife was fatally wounded at the location. Montes had called a friend to say he had shot his wife and planned to kill himself. [source]

Jason was my supervisor at Hüdson. I sat across from him. His then-girlfriend joined us one time for lunch.

Lunch for him was always meat-topped pizza or a plain cheeseburger. He didn't eat vegetables.

A few days before I walked out, Jason learned that our boss John was terminating him at the end of the month.

I lunched with him a week later.

"John asked me if he needed to change the locks on the doors."

"He thinks you're doomed to fail in a structured work environment."

That was the last time I saw Jason. I kept his screenname on my buddy list, but we only chatted once afterward (I don't keep in touch with people).

He invited me to lunch. I couldn't go.

27 Oct 06: "Jason, evidently, helped found IGN. So says his résumé."

Montes had recently filed for bankruptcy protection.


I dunno…

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