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If Coachella fanboys booked the festival, Radiohead would take up residency.

I would try to book Tom Waits as a headliner, but I think I overestimate his appeal.

Every year, I hear a rumour that The Smiths will reunite at Coachella, and every year, the band does not.

Pink Floyd may have reunited in 05, and Led Zeppelin may have reunited in 07, and Guns N' Roses may have released Chinese Democracy, but The Smiths will NEVER reunite.

The Avalanches will release a sophomore album 3D Realms will release Duke Nukem Forever before The Smiths reunite.

In fact, if The Smiths ever reunite, I will post of a video of myself addressing a camera on YouTube and allow comments. I am that confident.

Also: If The Smiths reunited, it would be in Mexico.

La Lapalooza.

With a Smiths reunion out of the picture, I would throw money at the following bands:

» Pavement
If they don't reunite this year, they will eventually.

» At the Drive-In
I fear that an ATDI reunion would not feature the original line-up.

—i think it would
—jim ward needs the money
—but i think the mars volta need to do one more crappy record before they reunite

» Oingo Boingo
"In 2007, Danny Elfman said there would not be a reunion. He has irreversible hearing loss and is worried that playing live would exacerbate it."

One show, Danny! One!

» Soul Coughing and Desaparecidos
Both reunions hinge on stupid rogue frontmen returning to the fold.

» Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Reuniting Qbert and Mix Master Mike should not be difficult. Reuniting them with A-Trak a decade-plus later would be a treat.

» Refused
Performing The Shape of Punk to Come!

…just me?

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  1. Aaron 29 Jan 09 at 16:10

    Haha, awesome Duke Nukem reference. Been waiting for that one since writhing 8 bit girls in bikinis first made an appearance in my life so many years ago.


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