Groundhog sees shadow; Six more weeks of people arguing this somehow refutes global warming

Federer's totally thinking about clobbering Nadal with his plate.

If tennis was wrestling, Roger would soon turn heel outright.

But tennis is wrestling!

A small group of main eventers. A large group of jobbers. Masculine women. Rowdy fans with signs. Silly patriotism. Gimmicks (surfaces, "I quit" matches).

Djokovic need only retire from the U.S. Open to pull off the "retirement Slam."

If tennis was wrestling, Federer would've been forced to team with Nadal in a doubles match before Sunday's men's singles final.

Roddick is a solid upper-midcarder.

TNA Wrestling officials confirmed that Rod Blagojevich is being offered the "Chairman" job within its Main Event Mafia faction, an elite unit which includes U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winner Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Booker T., Scott Steiner and Sting. [source]

Pocketing tennis balls doesn't seem conducive to movement.

Yo dawg, I herd you like bacon, so we wrapped a turducken in it.

Enough already.

I feel like we've pushed bacon as far as it can go.

What's left? Genetically engineering a bacon pig? A bacon strain of marijuana?

Live and let bacon complement eggs, burgers and scallops.

Will Arnett's Super Bowl Party

The Prototypical Steelers Fan
The "I Can Read Movies" Series
Pixar vs. DreamWorks
He was shocked to see a mustache on Kay Yow's face and phrases including "cancer rules."


  1. Adam 02 Feb 09 at 20:41

    Fucking love the bum in the ice header graphic. I was really into urban exploring awhile back and I remember reading stories about skating in the basements of some of the buildings in Detroit. I'm curious if it's the same group of people. "Yea.. I seen him." – Quote of the year via a street transient.


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