Kamikaze Chivalry

I heard Doug Gottlieb on the radio scoffing at Alex Rodriguez for blaming his steroid use on being young and stupid.

Doug Gottlieb should scoff, but Doug Gottlieb was also kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing a roommate's credit card and charging $900 to it.

Doug Gottlieb was convicted of fraud.

Let me guess – He was young and stupid.

I intended to write more but got sidetracked by


45 minutes of your time. You will NOT be disappointed.

The beginning and end of part two are especially fucked.

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"Edward told us that he had also made love to a helicopter, and not just any helicopter, but Airwolf!"

'What What (In the Butt): The Movie' Inching Towards Reality
What What (In the Ear)
What What (In the Nose)


  1. ernest riles 19 Feb 09 at 22:55

    sweet mother of fuck! just started the bridgefuckers documentary and i would like to thank you for posting it. i had sex with the wind last night and felt so alone…until now.

  2. Forest 20 Feb 09 at 02:37

    "Naked Parents, next on Five…"

  3. wtf 06 Mar 11 at 06:57

    whata fuck you doing with thgis horse you little ass hole


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