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Kraft's new logo looks suspiciously like Walmart's re-branded logo.

The tagline should be: "Our food tastes about as good as our logos look."

It may be a sterile mess, but Kraft's new logo is still a welcome improvement over its old logo. Kraft's old logo is probably my least favourite logo ever. I hate it with the passion of a thousand Sulemans. It is an aesthetic abomination – ugly, tacky… Good riddance.

I received a cookbook "designed to showcase the exciting array of foods sold at Costco."

One of the recipes is Chocolate Cake with Berries.

Drizzle chocolate syrup onto a plate.

Place cake slice on the plate. Arrange berries next to the cake.

I'm not sure "buy a chocolate cake at Costco and put berries next to it" constitutes a recipe.

Prince covered Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" at his Oscar party.

I wonder how Prince stumbled upon the song.

I picture him listening to KROQ in his car or hearing it while watching Orange County on Comedy Central.

Maybe he plays Guitar Hero?

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  1. Cangrejero 24 Feb 09 at 17:22

    The drink takes on a somewhat sweet and fruity flavor, but the artificial cucumber flavor is noticeable.

    I can imagine.

  2. Adam 25 Feb 09 at 03:40

    I obtained a bunch of Japanese beverages from a distributor I know a few years back – and they were either Cucumber flavored or a really light mint tasting water. Mostly as if someone chewed mint gum and spit in your water.

    That Kraft redesign is horrible. They took the stupid Amazon a-z arrow and just threw it off to the side to make what I'm guessing is some sort of smile… with an explosion on the end. Why not just throw in a swoosh like every tech company then Gel it up web 2.0? Long live the old Kraft logo.


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