Blow me up, Jon

On the drive home today, I heard the Ying Yang Twins' "Salt Shaker" on the radio.

What happened to Lil' Jon?

—I think that many white people actually believe Lil' Wayne and Lil' Jon are the same person
—just like I thought that Coolio turned into Busta Rhymes
—back in the 90s

"Shake it like a salt shaker" is kind of a lame simile. It's like rhyming a word with itself.

"Stir it like a coffee stirrer!"

"Grind it like a pepper grinder!"

"Mow it like a lawnmower!"

I wish I had the equipment to record a podcast so you could hear me say those lines in my Lil' Jon voice.

Idea: An auto-tuned podcast.

Lil' Bow Wow and Lil' Romeo, the littlest Lil's, are no longer Lil', while Lil' Jon is 38, and even Lil' Wayne is 26.

To be fair, Jon and Wayne aren't particularly memorable stage names.

Ol' Jon? Lil' Big Wayne?

Bow Wow's middle stage name should be Chickawow.

Friday flotsam and jetsam:

» Jerry Springer will play Billy Flynn in a London stage production of Chicago. Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnati.

» I want to cover The Killers' "Human" as a dirge.

» If Bravo ever produces Top Rapper, one of the challenges should be: Record a song that samples "Yakity Sax."

» James Harden's beard is ridiculous.

» Idea: A panel discussion with Adam Carolla, Petros Papadakis and Gilbert Gottfried moderated by Rece Davis.

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  1. John O 27 Feb 09 at 02:49

    The panel could be a football announcing team. Davis and Papadikas in the booth with Carolla and Gottfried as sideline reporters.

  2. ernest riles 27 Feb 09 at 11:16

    I'd be into a panel of Lou Ferrigno, Arnold, Schwarzenegger, and Mike Tyson moderated by Tom Brokaw.

    "Arnogld, GLou, and Michaegl…it's a pgleasure to have you here."

  3. lil Wayne John 27 Feb 09 at 12:13

    Lol, great Cosby shot.

    And nothing about the name Wayne is memorable for a stage name.

  4. Forest 27 Feb 09 at 14:49

    Yesssss – first time on the site without being made fun of by Jon. Oh, wait…

  5. bdot 01 Mar 09 at 22:50

    what about "big john wayne"…….


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