PMA: Day Zero

1. At the airport, I bought a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

"It'll be ready in five minutes."

Five minutes? I thought. To toast a bagel and spread cream cheese?

Five minutes later, I received a toasted bagel with a plastic knife and a packet of cream cheese.

2. As if Danny Gans isn't cheesy enough, I saw him on the sides and back of a shuttle bus wearing a shirt that read: "The voices in my head tell me what to do."

3. Fox News wants to feature my company's products on air.

4. This year, Crumpler brought promotional toilet paper:

One of the numbers should denote the colour red.

…just me?

5. At dinner, I saw an indie emo sitting at one end of the sushi bar by himself quietly eating a spinach salad. On a motivational poster, that image would be captioned "SAD."

dexter action figure and bobble heads
"sexy" doraemon/astro boy/pikachu cosplay


  1. Drew 05 Mar 09 at 19:27

    Who would purchase a Deb bobblehead? Or a Rita?

  2. bdot 09 Mar 09 at 09:51

    i have seen the "meat baby" before, and it is making me re-consider my meatatarian agenda. even though i know it's not actually a human baby, i don't think i could eat that, which makes me wonder why i am okay with veal.

    god – one of those sandwiches with tomato sauce on it and some sauteed mushroom and onions would be pretty awesome right now…..


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