PMA: Day Two

During our ride to the convention center, the credit card reader in our taxi played an ad for Cindy Crawford Home, a furniture line by…Cindy Crawford.

Crocs for your camera, mobile or credit cards.

Near our booth is a French company promoting camera harnesses.

Today, the company's representative set up a MacBook in plain sight with a slideshow playing, a slideshow that featured images of a woman posing seductively while wearing nothing but a camera harness.

Later, I realized that the woman whose breasteses were on (in some cases) full display was the rep's wife.

A man and woman approached our booth.

I looked at his badge.

"Harry Spitz / North Hollywood."

Wonder if she's surnamed Swallows, I thought.

I looked at her badge.

"Jacqueline Sallow / Van Nuys."

Samsung's booth features an elaborate "bears of the world" display – with two oddities.

We fell in LOVE in Antarctica.

When I think of Australia, I think of interracial homecoming dances.



  1. vladmir 05 Mar 09 at 16:34

    that's quite a noby noby boy you got there


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