Good times are not the ones you want

—… is that jord on the cross?

Watchmen's nifty opening credits leaked onto the Internet. The same company designed the swell opening credits for Ang Lee's Hulk.

While showering today, my mind drifted toward films with opening credits that are better than the film itself.

I thought of one: The Kingdom.

Alright, I need to warm up for next week.

"Next week?"


How must Northwestern feel seeing North Dakota State earn an NCAA tournament bid just three-and-a-half years after reclassifying from Division II to DI?

To me, the Big East is like a UFC undercard – a bunch of bland and interchangeable teams.

Mike Montgomery signed a forward named Bak Bak. His name literally sounds like a chicken.

Headline idea: "Bak(2) = The Future."

Blake Griffin looks odd in a "black actor in white person make-up" kind of way. A half-black, half-lamb actor in white person make-up.

Scheyer Face reminds me of Tony.

Also reminiscent of Tony? This guy:

Song that drives me nuts of the now: Seether's cover of "Careless Whisper."

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  1. Jeremy 11 Mar 09 at 20:17

    Sauerkraut is delicious. And I just ordered two of the MSU basketball dresses.

  2. Josh 12 Mar 09 at 00:03

    superman returns…great opening credits, lousy movie.


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